The Nest Learning Thermostat

Over 60% of your energy bill goes to heating. How much you spend depends on how well you control your heating system. Start saving today with The Nest Learning Thermostat.

It’s time to rethink your heating system

Even if you bought a new, efficient combi-boiler, the programmer that controls it is barely more than an on-off switch. It may not tell you how much heat you’ve used or even show you the temperature.

You shouldn’t have to walk back and forth to the programmer to get comfortable. The Nest Learning Thermostat gives you precise control of the temperature, creates a personalised schedule for your home and eliminates the need for a programmer.


The Nest Thermostat can be installed to work with most heating systems.

  • Combi and condensing boilers
  • System and heat-only boilers
  • Hydronic underfloor systems
  • Air source and ground source heat pumps (heating only)
  • Zoned systems (one Nest Thermostat per zone)
  • Switched live systems
  • Low voltage (dry contact) systems

If you are interested in fitting your home with a Nest Learning Thermostat you can call us today on 01453 843981 to discuss your options. You can also email our Gloucestershire office on or go to the contact form by clicking here.