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Domestic & Commercial Heating

Central Heating Systems

Most traditional central heating systems in homes and buildings use a system boiler or a combi boiler.

System boilers hold a large quantity of hot water that is available immediately but when this is used it gets reheated and that can take a considerable amount of time. This type of system is not considered to be efficient as heat can be lost from the pipe work making it less economically appealing.

Combi boilers have fast become the UK's most popular type of boiler. They are far more economical because they only heat the water you use. They work by pumping hot water to your radiators and a hot water cylinder.

Gas is the most used fuel for both boiler types and comes in two forms – Natural Gas and LPG.

Electric Heating

Electric heaters are popular for domestic homes looking to keep bills low and manageable. An electric heater will also help to reduce your homes carbon footprint as we move into a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

We can provide full installation, repairs and maintenance for panel heaters, storage heaters, quantum heaters and various supplementary heating applications.

Steam Radiant Heat Systems

Steam Radiant Heat Systems are usually found in homes and buildings that were constructed before the 1950s. The boiler turns water into steam that travels through the pipes into radiators. The steam warms up the radiators and that keeps the room warm.

This can be an effective way to heat your building. It provides continuous warmth, especially in homes with sizeable rooms.

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If you require assistance, please call us on 01453 843981 or go to the contact form by clicking here.