Dishwasher Care Guide

Dishwasher Plumber Guide

Dishwasher Care Guide

It is safe to say that for most people, a dishwasher is an integral part of their everyday life, saving time and energy on those ‘who’s washing the dishes’ arguments. Despite popular belief, dishwashers are far eco-friendlier than washing dishes by hand, saving not only time, but water heater energy and use less water.  Read more

How to fix a leaking tap – self help guide

The steady dripping noise of a leaking tap is enough to get on anyone’s nerves – often resulting in screwing the tap so tightly it’s impossible to turn on next time, not to mention the gradual culmination of wasted water.

A dripping or leaking tap usually means that a new washer is needed, but it can also be caused by a damaged valve seating. Follow the steps below to see if your leaking tap can be fixed without calling in the experts.

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Why is my sink blocked? Follow this step by step guide

If you’re running your taps and the sink is ending up looking like a mini bath, taking ages to drain, or perhaps refusing to drain all together, there’s a good chance you’ve got a blockage on your hands. A common problem, with a number of causes, follow this step by step guide to source the problem and get things running smoothly again.


Step One: Preparation
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How to Bleed a Radiator – 4 Simple Steps

As the temperatures in Gloucestershire drop to sub-zero, WCPH explain 4 easy steps to bleed your radiators. Please follow all manufacturing safety guidelines before attempting this tutorial and if you have any questions or concerns please contact us by clicking here.


A household task that sounds far more dramatic than it is – bleeding your radiators regularly can improve the efficiency of your whole heating system, meaning a warming home and cheaper bills. Radiators can develop cold patches when air becomes trapped in them, and bleeding them allows that air to escape. Follow the simple step-by-step guide below to ensure you’re getting the most out of your heating system this winter.

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